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The album was recieved very well and became a cult item over the years. Nothingless the band split-up due indifferences. In January 2015, 17 years after the name change, original member Consanguineus asked S:O:L: Necrosadist if he was ready to return with Inverted Pentagram and their old sound. In the course of a few month the new/old band managed to record several old tracks in their original form and started writting on new material. People still had not forgotten them and also record labels have shown serious interest in releasing the bands material. The band first decided to release a couple of old rehearsals digitally unter the name "Ghouls ov Aeons" through Bandcamp. 1st Line-up: S:O:L Necrosadist (Voccultist) Consanguineus (Bass) Necromaster (Drums) Rotten (Guitar) *Insane (Guitar) Demonic (Keyboards) Viradha (Guitar) (ex-Malefic Oath) 2nd Line-up: S:O:L Necrosadist (Voccultist) Guido van de Schoor [Chavez] (Bass/Guitar) Danny Dreesen [Moonwolf](Drums) *Dave Cruciator (Guitar) *Raoul (Guitar) *Bram (Keyboard) *Xam (Bass) *Victor (Guitar) 3rd (2015) Line-up: Necr0v0id [S:O:L Necrosadist] (Voccultist) Consanguineus (All Instruments) By now the first cracks in the line-up accured, Necromaster left and was replaced by Moonwolf. The guitarist came and went, musical creativity came to a standstill. In 1994 one of the founding members, Consanguineus, decided to leave the band and found a replacement in the former-Funeral member Chavez. Demonic was replaced by Bram. The new line-up started altering the style and shape the old songs into the new sound. In the beginning of 1997 they entered the Beaufort Studio to record a new Demo-tape entitled "The Sphere of ANU". Again the response of the underground press was good but they still did not manage to get a recorddeal. In 1997 The band played there first and only gig untill today as supportact of Absu, Enslaved and Inferno at the Boerderij in Geleen. In 1998 the remaining members decided to change the bandname into Omniheirophantom and to release a self financed album.
Thes results into the album "Beyond Eternity" in 2000. Inverted Pentagram came out of the ruins of Belphegor (NL) and Satanic Death in 1992 when S.O.L. Necrosadist, Consanguineus, Rotten, Necromaster and Insane joined together to create something more dark than they ever did before. Out of this alliance came the first Demo by the band, "Conspiracy at the gates of Chaos", including a 30 minutes titletrack opus. The whole demo was played in a single session, difficult to reproduce again by the band and so they decided to work on steady songs during the many rehearsals. In the same period Demonic joined on keyboards, something which was not very common in those days. By now the band had started working on new material and released a promo in 1993 with material recorded late 1992 entitled "Thee Astral Sign of War". The promo was send to several magazines and record labels. The respons was good but no record-deal was signed. A few months later the band released the third tape, "The Pentagram" or red demo. with more simple artwork. A red cover with only the logo printed on it.
And again the reviews and reactions where good.
Inverted Pentagram - Conspiracy at the gates of Chaos MC Demo I
3 track demo, xerox paper cover Inverted Pentagram - Thee Astral Sign Of War Promo MC
4 track promotion tape, xerox paper cover 1993:
Inverted Pentagram - The Pentagram Demo II
3 track demo, xerox red paper cover 1997:
Inverted Pentgram - The Sphere of ANU Demo III
4 track demo, proffessional printed cover 2000:
Omniheirophantom - Beyond Eternity CD
8 track cd, proffesional printed limited to 500 copies 2015:
Inverted Pentagram - Ghouls ov Aeons Digital
6 track digital release through bandcamp Inverted Pentagram - The Sphere of ANU MC/Digital
4 track tape, proffesional printed, re-release on Viceral Vomit Records
4 track digital release through bandcamp
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